The Ultimate Valentine Week: The epic experience your wife will talk about for years

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Hey friend, let me ask you a question:

When it comes to Valentine's Day, is this your typical "Romantic" February 14th? Roses or chocolate and a night out at her favorite restaurant?

Your wife or girlfriend deserves more. They deserve something more special than just going out to eat and some flowers.

If you are tired of being the average guy on Valentine's Day, the Ultimate Valentine week is for you.

This is an experience that your wife will rave about for years. This is the 'Walt Disney World' of Valentines. Until you experience Disney, it is hard to describe. If you have visited Disney before, you know every possible detail has been carefully considered. The Ultimate Valentine Week is the same. This is not your local amusement park. This is a spectacular experience that will leave her in awe.

Here is what people are saying about The Ultimate Valentine Week:

"This resource is on fire. It is for men that want to romance the love of their life. The work is done for you; now capture and nurture her heart during this most memorable week." -Ryan

"Holy Hot Sex, Batman...I started doing these suggested activities in the Ultimate Valentine Week and my wife can't keep her hands off me...highly recommend." -Kevin

"If you want a step-by-step guide on how to either win your woman’s heart back or keep the love flame going, this is it. This guide is so value-rich that even if you did one or two of the things, it would touch her heart. If there’s an "ice block" around her heart, believe me, it will melt. I truly believe the information has the ability to resurrect a marriage. Don’t you want your woman to look at you with those googly eyes like she did whenever you were first courting her? Of course you do! By following these steps, the googly eyes will return and a passion in her will be ignited that only God himself will be able to put out." -Adam

"The Ultimate Valentine Week is valuable. I've never seen anything like it. It's actionable, it's easy to follow and not expensive to carry out. It is on fire." -Alec

"The Ultimate Valentine Week is excellent. I'm known as the Limitless Dad, but I can use some help as the Limitless Husband that my wife deserves. You are guided through what a truly romantic week looks like. For a family with young children like mine, it's needed. I know my wife will wake up on Feb. 15 feeling like we just met." -Tony

"My husband used the Ultimate Valentine Week, and I was drawn to him in a whole new way. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. His words, his attention, his thoughtfulness, creativity, and romance renewed my passion and gratefulness for him. It is still going. I would encourage all guys to invest in the Ultimate Valentine Week. Women want what this week offers."-Alisa

This resource has 49 romantic gestures to do for your wife.

49 ways to go overboard in wooing your wife of girlfriend.

49 steps to create a legendary week in her life.

Imagine your wife falling in love with you in a new way.

Imagine your love story going from good to great.

Imagine your wife looking at you with fresh eyes.

Every day of the 8 days has 5 components:

Text to Send:  You will send her a text sometime during the day while you are away from each other.  Some days, you will send two.

Project:  This will take the most time, so decide to turn off the TV this week.  Instead, get to work on making this truly the best Valentine week ever.  Put your heart into it. There are several project ideas.  You can do them all or just do the ones you want.

Blessing to Share:  Your wife may be dealing with a lot of negativities, poisonous self-defeat, a difficult work life, etc. This is a time for you to pour fresh water into her soul.

Gentlemen Habit:  You may already do some of these habits.  If you don’t, then start forming these habits this week to honor her.

On Fire Romance: This activity will create a surge of romance for the day.  If you do even 30% of this, it will bless your lady in a special way.  Remember: she is the flower in your life, and you are the dirt.  You can nurture her life by pursuing her in a creative manner.

The week can begin at any time. It is an 8-day adventure you are taking her on. So, it does not matter when you start. For those purchasing it this week, you may want to start it on February, 14th and then go until February 21st. It is up to you. The key is to start it when it makes sense to you with your schedule.

Get ready for your wife to be drawn to you in a whole new way.

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8 days of a romantic experience to give your wife the greatest Valentine Week in her life

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The Ultimate Valentine Week: The epic experience your wife will talk about for years

8 ratings
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